10 Laps, score or lose.


21.09.2019 // 18:30

Loitz // Sandfeldtstraße Sporthalle

Camping possible

Classic Crit, Lap Prime.

FIXED flat & fast CRIT

22.09.2019 // 13:00

Loitz // Sandfeldtstraße Sporthalle

male and female particpants are evaluated separately



min. 18 Jahre years

bike helmet



No Brakes.
Fixed Gear.

Only regular dropbars.

No triathlon bottle holders on the saddle.
18 spokes minimum.
Click pedals.



On board cameras on the bike not on the helmet.



Depending on the progress of the race, we reserve the right to take riders off from the race.

Start numbers are handed out until 30 min before the start. The results are transponder-supported. Terms of Participation.

Race Track Map

zum bikemap.net Profil
zum bikemap.net Profil



Over 10 rounds, you will be the first to score 1 to 10 points. Do you lose track or do you keep a cool head? Who leads and who still has chances of victory? The blade can still turn until the last sprint. You win because you are not only fast but also the smartest - you have collected the points in the race at the right time! The Highscore and the highest podium of the podium belongs to you! You get a prize of Ullmax // Covadonga // Compressport. On 22.09.18 at 18:30 in Loitz.

FIXED flat & fast CRIT

You win because you are the first woman or the first man to cross the finish line after 12 rounds a 2.5 km. Endorphins reward you. With happiness inside you rise to the winner's podium, you stretch your fist to heaven and celebrate your triumph. You get a prize of Ullmax // Covadonga // Compressport. On 23.09. At 1:00 p.m. in Loitz.

Thank your crew for hard work and reward yourself. Cheers!

Before the race you signed up and convinced us of your motivation for the victory and transferred the entrance fee to our bank account in advance.

Entrance Fee: 19,00 € one Race

Both Races: 30,00 €

Race Track Video